SEO reporting

Professional SEO Reporting

A Comprehensive and Insightful SEO Report is essential for effective SEO

We at Tistasoft are proud to provide maximum transparency to the clients on our campaign activities and ourcomes.After the initial setup and configuration activities, it all boils down planning, execution, tracking and reporting results. We provide a comprehensive reports on the campaign activities and outcomes. Our cleint can access SEO reports in real time via their client dashboard. Our SEO report covers the following:

  • KPI vs achivements
  • Campaign activities like backlink building, social promotions etc
  • Keyword rank progression: This is real time available also in the client dashboard
  • Extentive Insight on Google Analytics
  • Planing for next cycle etc

We bring out the best analytic insights on the performances of the SEO campaigns on our clients' websites.

Our SEO report is one of the best. SEO agency clients can get white labeled reports ready to directly share with their SEO clients.

SEO Reporting

SEO Report for Your Business Website

Ethical, Transparent and Sustainable. Work smart but no shorcut! Our campaigns are designed with one purpose in mind – to help customers gain positive organic change to their search positions.

SEO Reporting - KPI

Determine Your Objective

The first step in any endeavor is determining what you’re setting out to achieve. You’ll want to make sure to outline your current SEO goals clearly for your client.

SEO Reporting - set baseline

Set Baseline

How you plan to accomplish your client’s business goals through SEO is something that you’ll definitely want to think about when putting your SEO report together.

SEO Reporting - define strategy

Outline Your Procedure

Time to show off what you’ve completed so far! Here, you'll include SEO goals you’ve already achieved, like fixed missing descriptions, resolved issues with 404 pages on the site,.

SEO Reporting - campaign details

Record Your Observations

The “Observations” portion of your report is your place to show real, tangible data to your client. You’ve outlined what you’re doing to help them achieve their current SEO goal.

SEO Reporting - client dashboard

Clean Dashboards For Quick Info

Your clients are like you in this respect: They’re busy. They want quick, easy access to important data that will show them the success of your efforts.

SEO Reporting - primary keyword ranking

Increase Ranking For Top Terms

Your SEO services are, in large part, meant to get your clients to the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) so that their links are more likely to be clicked.