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Serach Engine Optimization is no more simple link building exercise. Its much more of a composite exercise than that. It is a structured process of doing things right one by one. Over years, we have built processes and tools that provide us edge over others. Even before building an website, we go for keyword reserach. Keyword Reserach provide us insights for contrategy and website architecture and user experience designing. We deicde site URL struture in line with the content planning and navigation flow. So, this starts quite early. We ensure the base is set right by setting us webmaster and google analytics accounts. Once the site is ready, we undertake final website technical audit to find out any issues and we resolve them. BTW, our internal SEO audit tool is popular among the agency partners.

Once the OnPage aspects are all taken care off, OffPage campaigns start. having developed huge collaboration network among influencers and bloggers, we at Tistasoft are in a position to bring best content promotion startegy for your business.


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Ethical, Transparent and Sustainable. Work smart but no shorcut! Our campaigns are designed with one purpose in mind – to help customers gain positive organic change to their search positions.

search engine optimization - site analysis

Website Analysis

It gives you an idea of current status of your website. Calculating metrics you can identify the reputation of your website.

search engine optimization - competitor analysis

Competitors Analysis

Most important factor to be on the track is to analyze your competitors. It helps to get ideas to implement things a new way.

search engine optimization - keyword research

Keyword Research

Set a couple of keywords from your business niche, and implement it as per the search engine guidelines to be on the top of search results.

search engine optimization - onpage optimization

Website Optimization

Optimize your website boost of your appearnece in the search result. A proper optimization can take you top more easily than your expectation.

search engine optimization - link building

Content Marketing

Conent is the king of your any online business. Write content which actually solve the problems of genuine quarries.

Performance Monitoring

In Digital world you have to monitize your website regulary. To be on the current topics and for upcomming trends.