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An Well Thoughtout Content Strategy is a Must

Content created without due diligence like planning, delivery and promotion plan, often fails to achieve the desired result. At the centre of the whole stargey is the target audidence. Primarily the target audience defines the whole process. The idea is to define a strategy to create and distribute valuable, useful and consistent content in a systematic mananer to attract and aquire a loyal audience. An strategic content marketing plan would result in favorable and profiable customer actions.

At Tistasoft, we have a defined process of building a content marketing startegy, starting from keyword research. It is a continuous and non-invasive marketing approach. Instead of direct pitching any products or services, an well planned content marketing strategy deliver information that make the audience more informed and comfortable. The idea is to deliver consistent, and useful information to the audience to buy loyalty and eventually convert them to buyers.

Content Strategy

Content Marketing Service to Promote Your Business

Content is what Google strives to deliver. They want to see pages that differ from everyone .

T"SEO" refers to search engine optimization, or the process of optimizing a website so that people can easily find it via search engines like Google.By content that lives on the web and can be consumed on the web.

Content Strategy - create content


It is the way to get huge number of audiences organically. Create High quality problem solving article to get more vititors.

Content Strategy - research content


Research on the topic whcih you are going to write. Get quarries from different question-answer platform and solve their problem.

Content Strategy - decide metrics


Picking the most business-yielding keywords for your website and creating content based on those keywords

Content Strategy - promote content


Tweaking and improving the different elements of the website (header tags, sitemap, meta tags, etc.

Content Strategy - optimize content


Promotion of your business through blogs, articles, classifieds, infographics and other content tools across the internet

Content Strategy - publish content


Use of Analytics and Webmaster tools to keep track of the website traffic, user behaviour, conversion rates