A Practical Guide to eMail Marketing

I will build this write up over time as we go along. An important aspect of email marketing to is to get hold of the email contacts of your target audience. A natural and most popular way is to build email list through subscriptions where the readers or your target, on their own subscribe your your channel or website or newsletter etc. That’s obviously the best way to build a email database where the audience already showed their keen interest to listen to and know more about what you have to share with them. Obviously, at times, you may need to expand your reach beyond what you have been able to reach by these channels and mediums. There are many ways that people adopt and get varied results out of them. They will be discussed in subsequently in this article. But for now, I will share with you a very interesting approach to get hold of very important emails of key stakeholders of companies or agencies that you wish to reach out and open channels of collaboration.

Collecting emails of Important Stakeholder via LinkedIn

By far LinkinIn is most respected professional platform for working professional and as well as business owners and stakeholders. Lets assume we wish to reach out to all SEO agencies based in UK for potential collaborations. I would suggest the following steps to build your desired email list of important stakeholders of SEO agencies based in UK.

Identify Keywords

It is important to make list of keywords that can help you identify the LinkedIn profiles of such companies. Now here I would suggest you to search the company profiles via Google instead of search them using LinkedIn search feature itself. Google search would return much better and targeted results. As an example, potential keywords to target such company profiles could be

SEO agency

SEO company

Digital Marketing Company etc

Google Search to Get the LinkedIn

The key in this process is to use Google Search operators to pin point UK companies. You can apply different operators, my favorite is to use the following:

seo agency site:uk.linkedin.com/company/. But before you run the query, please change the local country as UK, the desired country that you are targeting. This will get you targeted and perfect set of LinkedIn company profiles from UK. Other tip is set the number of search results to 100, instead of customary 10. That will help you larger set of company profile URLs in one go. A typical search result would look like below:

If you see, the results are all company profiles of all UK based SEO agencies. It could be possible the list returns a few non UK agency company profiles though. But that is acceptable.

Create a List of Unique Company Profiles


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