Reporting & Stats


What's it about?

Track unlimited keywords. In any location across the globe. Fresh every single day.It's no wonder why the experts in enterprise SEO tend to fall in love with STAT.


Unlimited keyword tracking
  1. Unlimited SERP tracking in Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.
  2. Rankings and other metrics updated daily.
  3. Supports every market and language served by Google.
  4. Local tracking by city, state, province, ZIP code, or postal code.
  5. Flexible per-keyword pricing that rewards big thinking.
Friendly web app
  1. Always on, secure, and accessible from most desktop browsers.
  2. No software updates or proxy management.
  3. Supports every market and language served by Google.
  4. Desktop-like workflow with per-user customization, context-smart menus, tabbed multitasking, and browser-in-browser.
Clever metrics & competitive analysis
  1. Automatic top-competitor ranking by site, by tag, and by segment.
  2. Optional full tracking of competitors, with automatic site syncing for easy management.
  3. Custom tagging and data views for flexible keyword segmentation.
  4. Fully transparent, with no proprietary mystery metrics.
Barrier-free data
  1. Instant, customizable alerts.
  2. Scheduled and on-demand spreadsheet reporting.
  3. Bulk export or integrate with your systems via our standards-compliant XML API.
  4. Complete SERP archives for historical and trend research.