Powerful Backlinks

Get powerful backlinks that will boost any site to the top of google.

How to Find and Build Powerful EDU Backlinks

Search if the keywords you trying to rank has a high demand. Because in online marketing your time and investments needs to be scaled. If you build links and rank for keyword which does not have a high demand, then there is not going to be enough traffic for you earn money from Google AdSense or Affiliate marketing.

7 Ways to Get Powerful Backlinks

There are several ways to get backlinks. Here are some of the options available to you:

  1. Write articles for EzineArticles and GoArticles. You will be able to leave a link to your site in the author bio section.
  2. Go to Yahoo Answers and Google Groups and find people asking questions related to your industry. Once you find a good question you can answer it and leave a link to your site. Make sure the link is appropriate for the question being asked.
  3. Make sure your website link is included in the yellowpages.com.
  4. Make sure your website link is included in the website for your local chamber of commerce.
  5. Write a high quality blog. With time people who read your blog will include links on their sites to your blog because they value your opinions.
  6. Use social bookmarking tools to make sure your blog is seen. You can use StumbledUpon, Technorati, Digg, and a host of other sites.Google "bookmarking sites" and see what else there is for you to use.
  7. Let everyone you know hear about your sites. Add the URLs on your business cards, stationary, e-mail signatures and on anything else people see. This will build awareness for you sites. If the people you know are aware of your site there is a good chance they will also eventually add links to you from their sites.